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Intertech Modicon Quantum/984 PLC Intermediate II Programming & Troubleshooting

LENGTH Four days (32 hours) of professional PLC training
LOCATION At or near your facility, or at Intertech's offices in Corvallis, Oregon
AVAILABILITY See the online course schedule or call (800) 248-0988
TIMES 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or customized to fit your work schedule
TUITION Call Intertech for a quote
CREDITS Please contact us to verify continuing education credits for your state.
Industry-related / non-code and code-related credits (ID, MT, ND, NE, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY)
PREREQUISITES Intertech Modicon Intermediate I Programming & Troubleshooting course or instructor approval

Intertech Modicon Quantum Education Manual or
Intertech Modicon 984 Education Manual
Hands-on lab exercises relating to your facility's operations


Modicon Quantum/984 Programmable Logic Controllers
Intertech Universal Simulator/Test Panel



The Intermediate II course emphasizes the bit level instructions and places the functionality of these instructions at your command.

Register data can be viewed as numerical information, or it can be viewed as binary bits (as series of on/off signals). Clever programmers use this functionality to create very powerful "shorthand" programs. With the matrix and move function blocks you can create functional programs that would take numerous lines of ladder logic to accomplish the same result. Programs using bit level functions deal with multiplexing, sorting, shift-registers, first-in/first-out (FIFO) functions, fault diagnostics, etc. These programs rely on a combination of math, register manipulations, and bit level manipulations.

In order to troubleshoot these systems, you must understand how the various bit level function blocks operate on the bits within registers. Once you understand the bit operations, you can put together this information with the register manipulation operations and the relay operations to come up with a complete understanding of the programmable controller, and therefore have the basis for troubleshooting the programmable controller in its entirety.

Review information from the Maintenance & Troubleshooting and Intermediate I courses.
Learn about block move, bit manipulate, bit shaft, bit sense, bit clear, logical operators (and, or, exclusive or, compare, and complement), and FIFO function blocks.
Apply function blocks to create and test your own programs in extensive hands-on lab sessions designed to simulate a logical approach to problem solving.
Develop programs to test circuits, programs to trap intermittent problems, and programs to log and time-stamp occurrences in the system.
Develop troubleshooting skills for gathering clues to help eliminate non-problem spots and draw attention to possible problem spots.
Apply the matrix functions to practical applications, like thermocouples, RTDs, PID, and other hardware functionality.
Understand how data is formatted for interfacing with mainframe computers, i.e., SCADA or HMI.

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