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Intertech PLC Technical Education Services

Intertech provides technical education and engineering services related to industrial automation, information, and control products. We help our clients improve productivity and quality, reduce downtime and waste, and increase efficiency and safety. Even if the training budget at your facility has been reduced temporarily, please consider the benefits of knowledgeable technicians and engineers to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your plant's automated systems.

Now it's even easier for you to get the basic courses you want, when you want them.

Intertech now offers a set of essential "fundamental" courses on a monthly basis from our Education Center in Corvallis, Oregon. Course descriptions and schedules are available online. See Course Catalog.

Intertech also provides onsite technical education services.

If you prefer, we can deliver the instructor and course materials to your facility for the cost of tuition and the additional expense of our instructor's travel and equipment shipping. Simply call our toll free number, (800) 248-0988, and suggest a date for your onsite course.

The course, whether onsite or at our facility, can be customized for your organization.

After reviewing our proposed course outlines, we encourage you to suggest modifications, additions, and deletions, and course topics and scenarios specific to your facility. The instructor will cover as many topics as possible in class. If the class progresses beyond the outlined topics, the instructor will simply move on to more advanced level information.

Our instructors will tailor the course material to meet your needs.

We recommend that you send us an e-mail describing your work environment (both hardware and software) and any particular topics or scenarios you would like to cover in class. E-mail Intertech or speak with our instructors directly by calling our toll free number, (800) 248-0988.

Tuition is typically ranges from $1,995.00-$2,595.00 per student, per 4-day course. (Please call Intertech for a quote.)

Tuition includes the computers, hardware, software, and simulators necessary for students to complete their course work. Our class size is usually eight or fewer students, to ensure every person receives the attention they deserve. And, as an added benefit, our courses are approved in a number of states for code related and non-code/industry-related continuing education credit. (Please contact us to verify State participation prior to enrollment)

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