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Intertech Automation Controls Engineering Design, Implementation, and Optimization

Today's technology offers innovative ways to approach automation and control issues. To take advantage of technology, you need a genuine partner who understands how to apply it to your needs.

Intertech's engineers have product expertise and over 30 years of project and application experience. They can help you and your company reduce downtime, increase productivity and efficiency, improve quality, ensure a safe work environment, and manage energy use and cost.

Our engineers will come to your facility and assist in the following areas:

• Troubleshooting PLC systems  
• Integrating multiple-vendor control systems  
• Networking systems together  
• Identifying and solving software logic  
• Performing hardware or software conversions or upgrades  
• Interfacing automation systems with existing or proposed information systems  
• Providing or enhancing preventive maintenance and support plans  

Once an issue has been resolved, we recommend scheduling an onsite course to discuss, replicate, and solve the issue, so your personnel can benefit from the problem as well as the solution. This process leads to a more thorough understanding of the automation system by everyone involved.

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