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Intertech has stopped production on its present Universal Simulator and Test Panel shown below.  At the present time we do not have any of the simulators for sale. 


Thank you for your interest in our technical equipment.

The Intertech Universal Simulator & Test Panel allows you to design, test, and simulate programs on many different PLC control systems—all you do is change the connection cables.

Reduce the chances of costly system failure—design your control system program, simulate your process, test the results, and you'll substantially improve the success of your system startup.

Intertech Universal Simulator & Test Panel (

Help your technicians gain the skills that keep your facility operating at peak efficiency. Provide the practice they need to work with your control system.

A variety of interface devices provide the tools you need to simulate the operation of your control system. Interfaces include input switches, output lights, adjustable analog inputs, analog meters, register input and output devices.

Convenient built-in connections allow you to incorporate field devices into the Universal Simulator & Test Panel to provide a more realistic simulation of your control strategy.

The Simulator & Test Panel works on almost all programmable controller input/output (I/O) systems. Universal design allows the panel to be moved to different I/O systems with ease.

32 Three-Position (On/Off/Momentary) Switches 110VAC Ground Fault Interrupted Duplex Outlet
32 Output Indicator Lights 24VDC Source Power Connection
3 10-Turn Pots Generated 4-20ma Analog Input Signals Adjustable Source Voltage Output Connector
2 Analog Meters Display 4-20ma Analog Signals 8 Field Connectors to Parallel Inputs Switches
1 Keypad with 4-Digit Display 8 Field Connectors to Parallel Outputs
1 4-Digit Binary Coded Decimal Display External Analog Input and Output Connections
1 4-Digit Binary Coded Decimal Thumbwheel Device  
1 Emergency Stop/Start Button  
All voltages except incoming power are 24VDC  
All components are fused  
100 hours of testing performed before shipping  

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UST-2084-AB Allen-Bradley Controllers
UST-2084-GE GE Controllers
UST-2084-MOD Modicon Controllers
UST-2084-OM Omron Controllers
UST-2084-SQD Square D Controllers
UST-2084-TI UST-2084-TI

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